About us

Beginning its shipping activity as ship-owner, PB has gradually widened its range of services coming to cover practically all different fields in the shipping world, either directly or through controlled companies.
With its strategic position in the heart of Mediterranean Sea and its head offices in Rome and Palermo, today PB is a modern organization valued for its network of tailor made services to answer its client’s needs, according to the highest professional standards.

PB operates in the MR Tankers market through its company PB Tankers and operates a fleet of product tankers, all built and operated in accordance with the highest standards for quality and reliability.
Triggered by the growth of the oil products’ market in the Baltic Sea and the White Sea, PB has made a strategic decision to invest in ice – class 1 A tankers. Since 2003, the pursued strategy has led the Group to order more than 20 Medium Range Tankers, 51,000 DWT ice-class 1 A, at the Korean shipyard STX, for a total investment of approx. USD 900 million.

The choice of investing in the Ice Class Tankers segment has been successful. In fact, it has experienced a strong upward trend as a result of the increasing presence of oil products from the Russian Federation in the world market and the consequent development of trade across the Baltic Sea and the White Sea. In order to support its commercial ventures, PB Tankers also operates MR tankers through long-term and short-term charter parties. On June 2012 PB SPA obtained ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications, pointing out the Company attention on the customer satisfaction and on the environmental issues.

Supported by a logistic structure divided between its branches and offices to be found at all the main ports in Sicily, PB is a worldwide operative network and highly qualified staff backed up by the most sophisticated technology. Furthermore, PB has entered in partnership with the most important international shipping and industrial groups to testimony its prestige and competitive role held in the shipping sectors.

Over the last 30 years Gianni and Alfredo Barbaro have successfully built up companies with the most important shipping players, such as Somocar and Bulkitalia with Coe & Clerici, Finaval, Novamar International with Marnavi, Seachem with Livanos, Petrotank with Premuda and D’Amico, Nord Est with D’Alesio and other important partners.
Based on the deep understanding of the port uses, PB offers products and services of excellence for both cargo ships and passenger ships, operating according to criteria of quality of service, respect for the environment, preservation of health and safety and social responsibility.
PB company handles all types of vessels, including cruise, defense, cable heavy lifts, and bulk cargoes.
As a physical supplier and a worldwide trader with annual sales in excess of 4,000,000 tons, we have the resources and capabilities to guarantee the highest quality products and first-class customer care at all times.
Confidence, agility, efficiency, effectiveness, economic solvency, permanent technological innovation and a human group aimed at satisfying and watching over the needs of the clients are some of the most outstanding attributes of the general agency services PB offers.
Handling yearly over 1000 vessel operations, we have a track record of experience, enabling us to offer a reliable, pro-active, cost effective and competent service – every time !