PB is patented and authorized to apply to harbour authorities on behalf of a shipping company, without losing sight of its traditional strengths ­ local expertise, strong personal relationships and spirit of partnership and networking between members that allows PB to develop its services and share information.

Services of PB for ship­owners:

  • Commercial representation, with national scope and/or local scope
  • Sale of freight and space booking.
  • Human team and technological platform for the assistance to clients.
  • Marketing studies and analysis of cargo trends of the behavior of cargo markets.
  • Administration of inventory of containers. Equipment Management
  • Issuance of shipping documents.
  • Financial services associated to freights.
  • Delays and damage to containers. Claims Management and Administration

From Palermo head office and through own offices in many Italian cities, PB has built a wide range of sub­agencies in order to cover the whole Sicilian port and supervise the overall operational activity, giving a high standard of guaranteed professionalism in other main Italian ports.The already extended network has recently been expanded to Russia where PB operates with own offices in Samara We believe that we prosper when our customers prosper. Our endeavor has always been to enhance our efficiency so that we can anticipate our customer’s needs and respond to them promptly and effectively.