Thanks to the broad experience of Naviservice s.r.l. in assistance to vessels at port, today the company can offer the world shipping industry specialization in attention of:

  • Container vessels and regular services
  • Bulk liquid products: crude oil, heavy fuel oil, petrol, chemical, liquid and gas products
  • Dry bulk loads, handling of special shipments and any type of general cargo (Scientific Vessels, Cruise Ships, Project cargo vessels, Fishing vessels)
  • Passenger ships, Ro-Ro ships, container ships
  • Cruise vessels
  • Lightening service, draining of washwater and bilge water da rivedere
  • Bunker refueling (various grades of IFO, diesel and lubrificants)
  • Food Supplies
  • Spare parts
  • Shipyard Assistance

Naviservice s.r.l. has always been a leading company in effective service solutions for commercial exchanges, which has allowed it to develop a deep knowledge regarding the movement of the cargo market and an important network of contacts in all the industries that participate in foreign trade.

Liner work involves a wide variety and different levels of skill. PB has always strived to identify the most reliable agents and brokers who demonstrate a real commitment to quality.

As an agent on behalf of the principal, the company provides comprehensive services by adapting to the particular need of the principal. Activities such as cargo coordination, vessel husbanding, crew management, port formalities, and other legal activities are undertaken for a diverse range of vessels such as bulk carriers, product tankers, edible oil tankers, LPG vessels, crude carriers heavy lifts and project shipments, cable ships, passenger vessels, floating on / off oil rigs and salvage vessels.

We believe in offering the best possible value to our customers in our services. Our excellent relations with suppliers and port & immigration authorities around the world ensure that clients’ needs are fully met.

We have a team of professionals, who remain committed in providing a personal touch that you deserve and expect. The efficient delivery of information is fundamental, assuring Naviservice clients a detailed control of the costs and the use of their vessels. That’s why every plan is scheduled before the operations at port to obtain synergy among all the entities involved in each activity.