Air Express

icon_2vele_blu.jpg DOOR TO DOOR

Naviservice s.r.l. provides door-to-door service in all main areas around the world. Our strong and sophisticated global network incorporating trucking providers, customs brokers, forwarders and warehouses deals with every single step and unplanned hurdle in the process to ensure on-time and hassle-free delivery to the final destination. Reaching your destination quickly and safely with air freight. We keep our eyes on your goods at all time.

icon_2vele_blu.jpgFULL AND PART CHARTER

Naviservice s.r.l. provides a comprehensive service and will fully co-ordinate your Charter shipment including:

  • Collection
  • Documentation and Air Waybill
  • Export Customs Entry
  • Security Checks
  • Airport Handling
  • Flight to Destination
  • Destination Handling
  • Customs Clearance
  • Delivery

We can offer you our air freight solutions: we move your goods quickly, safely and efficiently to their destination by air, through our reliable partners.
When setting up your supply chain, we support you with additional services like purchase order management or part and complete charter operations.
As a charter broker, we communicate directly with our partners and airlines, ensuring high flexibility, quick response times and the lowest available costs.
We also use our know-how and our partners volume to plan charter flights for our regular destination. We offer you extra alternatives to meet your space and frequent requirements on highly frequented trade lanes and during peak seasons without the fear of being shut out of the ordinary scheduled flights.
Air Charter service should be considered when a commercial air carrier can not offer a solution. Whether it be time critical, out of gauge or involve a challenging location, we will take care of your Air Charter requirements.


We are able to arrange the logistic chain up to your doorstep, using dedicated logistic services. This is possible because we have an international network of partners and agents. With on board courier system your shipment is managed throughout the whole process accompanied and delivered in person. Obviously, on board courier is the ideal solution when you need that your freight reaches quickly its destination.
Weight, size and content restrictions depend on the airline with which the courier flies. Liquids and dangerous goods cannot be shipped through on board courier.

icon_2vele_blu.jpgAIR COMPLIANCE

Naviservice s.r.l. complies with IATA, applicable within all countries which work under the ICAO regulations and any airline under the IATA regulations
We meet the need for global compliance with all standards and regulations affecting the movement of cargo.
Customer’s satisfaction is Naviservice s.r.l.’s first priority, so we make sure that your shipments comply with the innumerable international regulatory and security requirements while handled by ours network.

icon_2vele_blu.jpg GROUPAGE SERVICES

Naviservice s.r.l. ensures the transport of grouped parcels coming from different customers and intended for more addressees.
Service is offered from various origin and destinations, using the strong network built in many years of experience.
Groupage operations are necessary to optimize the use of means of transport. While it is related to the goods transport market, groupage constitutes a market by itself, characterized by the size of the units transported (from one package to batches of several tonnes) and by the fact that it involves the transport of parcels from various shippers to several recipients.