Company Quality Policy

Our success depends on our clients, on other parties involved, on our ability to understand and satisfy their needs. Our purpose is to establish a Quality Management System that is appropriate for the type of services offered to our customers.

The Quality Management System of Naviservice s.r.l. is already in compliance with the standard ISO 9001:2015 for the activities of shipping provision and forwarding agency services (click here to download the certificate).

The Quality Management is responsibility of the Company’s Management. Below, tasks took on:

  • Comply with the applicable requirements and compliance obligations
  • Assume the responsibility of QMS’s effectiveness
  • Continuously improve the QMS and our competitiveness
  • Continuously monitor and improve the knowledge of our customer’s requirements and, as consequence, improve our ability to satisfy their requirements
  • Monitor our customer’s satisfaction as measure of effectiveness of our activities

Our customer’s main requirements are: punctuality in customer service provision; conformity with standards and laws in force; availability of qualified and competent staff.

As consequence, our primary processes refer to technical and administrative management’s activity and staff skills development’s activity. They determine the compliance with requirements and have a direct effect both on customer’s satisfaction (effectiveness) and on our activity‘s performance (efficiency).

Our specific goals are:

  • Continuously improve our ability to know specific goals requested by customers and, as consequence, our ability to satisfy their requests
  • Develop our staff skills

Our Quality Management System provide for the identification of suitable indicators, to determine specific goals for each purpose, in order to keep under control our ability to reach these purposes and to measure the management’s effectiveness.

Our co-workers and anyone else who carries out activities on our behalf are aware about the importance of their work and they take an active part in suggest improvement initiatives.

The Company’s Management defines purposes and specific goals, starts improvement initiatives, verifies the achievement of the purposes and the effectiveness of actions taken.

The Department Managers have the task of maintaining an internal environment that fully involve all the staff in pursuit all planned purposes.

The Policy Quality in a dynamic document and, for this reason, it should be reviewed at least once a year to ensure its continuing suitability.

The Policy Quality is communicated, understood and applied within the Company. The Quality Manager guarantees the distribution of this document, and of any later revision, to all department and to other parties involved

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate