Hub Agent Worldwide

PB is dedicated to protecting excellence at local level together with excellence in hub management. Thanks to services provided from a competent, experienced and reliable staff, PB offers the best in hub management system.

  • Negotiating and forming agreements with port agents
  • Controlling tariff reductions based on number of port calls and type of cargo
  • Controlling tariff reduction based on the S.B.T. and G.T.
  • Coordination and establishment of communication between sub-agent/vessel
  • Follow up when needed
  • Management of competitive forwarding upon purchaser request
  • Cost control and negotiation of local contracts
  • Settlement of final disbursements according to the principal’s instructions
  • Port and operator service contracts
  • Preparing a Port Cost standard by vessel/port
  • Proforma analysis and control of port expenses
  • Verification, confirmation and subsequent authorization of payment for the proforma and final D/A
  • Preparation of a monthly report listing all financial transactions
  • Reporting of all advance payments to cover port expenses for all ports
  • Analysis and control of final expenses based on our updated port tariffs
  • Providing web access to view D/A status and other financial information
  • Year-end annual report for auditing purpose

PB Agency assists and follows up before, during and after the port call.
Our highly skilled agents are available to extend the most of their vast experience.
They can create value for the principal throughout the port call process. If costs are not competitive, the hub will engage in a negotiation with the performing agent to secure the best costs for the principal. Outsource your husbandry agency tasks to become more effective.

Our Hub agents will look after all the needs of the ship and her personnel. while she is arriving at, staying and departing from the port. On arrival, the agent will have to lodge various forms with such authorities as the Customs, the Port Authority, etc.
Acting on principals’ request we will ensure proper screening and analysis of areas/ports according.

You will have at your disposal our responsible agents that can establish a good relationship with you.
Our task is to be pro-active and cost effective with high cost awareness to the benefit of our customers.

As your hub agency solutions partner we ensure that all the efforts are made in order to make the agreed scope of services as efficient as possible.
PB operational hub will oversee that the principal’s instructions to agents are adhered to, and closely monitor the operational performance of the performing agents. Concurrently, PB monitors the financial and operational status of performing agents, supported by vendor checks.
We provide global and regional Hub services and our worldwide network of reputable business partners are used as sub agents ensuring a longstanding knowledge and expertise in the local environment.

We ensure local port facilities and infrastructure either via own offices or through our reliable agents, that are able to provide all requirements i.e. fuel, lubricants, freshwater and handle all normal port call charges.

We make cost control, and manage and settle final disbursement in currency as requested.
When the port call has been determined, our role as hub agents is to ensure “one point of contact” to our principals and services comprise.