Port of Augusta

The Port of Augusta located in eastern Sicily, is located in the province of Syracuse.
It’s an important industrial port mainly due to the activity of petrochemical and petroleum refining and the production of unleaded petrol. It is also an military logistics base.
Its geographical location makes the port of Augusta a very important logistics centre in the Mediterranean.

The bay in front of the docks is divided into three zones:

• the port Xifonio which forms the outer harbour 
• the Megarian port which is the inner harbour
• Seno del Priolo where the oil facilities are located

The port of Augusta is equipped for the shipbuilding and ship repairs;9 slipways, 6 yards, 6 storage yards, 3 naval mechanical workshops are available.

Thanks to its central location in the Mediterranean, this is one of the most important Italian ports for bunker operations, crew change, repairs and maintenance of ships.

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